Whew, no more holding in this secret! I made something for my little sister – how long ago? – just about a month ago, now, and since she reads my blog, I had to refrain from posting pics or talking about it or anything, but she got the package on Monday (just in time, too) and I presume that she was very surprised at what she received. Heeheeheeheehee.

I made her some earwarmers to go with her Halloween costume (since it’s actually pretty cold up where she lives). She was Lady Death, and I’m sure she was a very pretty Lady Death, too. (*coughsendmepicturescoughcough*) So here I am, modeling the lovely earwarmers the day that I boxed them up to mail to her.


side cloesup

I took these pictures myself, so I’m reasonably impressed by the fact that – oh, I don’t know – I was able to get my head in the frame. Why is it so hard to photograph yourself? Here’s a tip, though: I took a little mirror outside with me, so I was able to get a look at what exactly was in the viewfinder. Well, not exactly what was in the viewfinder, but it really helped.

Anyway, so long for now!

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  1. Chailyn says:

    Quite surprised, yes. I don’t have any pictures yet–and don’t know if I’ll manage any Halloween ones (besides, the only ones that got taken were on Saturday at the Anime halloween party) but I need to get some of me wearing the earwarmers. And my crochet stuff!

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