Sock Sock Sock

I made a sock! The stitches are irregular, you can clearly see where the three needles met, and there are at least two visible holes in it, but it is undeniably a sock.


Or, as Greg so succinctly put it:

“Wow, honey, that looks cool. It actually looks like a sock! I mean, it looks way better than the ones you made before, which were more – ah – ” (seeing my expression) “it looks great, honey.”

And what’s more –

sock 002

It fits! Mostly. I’m so happy I could cry. That’s all I wanted, I just wanted to make Max a pair of socks. (although I still have one to go. Bah.) I bought the DPNs on Saturday – it seems that Wal-mart does not carry double-pointed knitting needles, and I almost didn’t see the two sets they had at Michael’s stuck up between some huge circulars and a rack of crochet hook cases. Perhaps most people feel it is easier just to buy the socks. I suppose that is true, but they have defied me for two weeks, and so I had to show them who was the boss, as it were.

At any rate, I used a pattern listed on Knitting Pattern Central, the Striped Child’s Sock pattern. I had a hard time with a few parts of it – and I am not even good enough to know whether the difficulties were due to my own inexperience or were caused by a flaw in the pattern. I mean, I don’t know, but it seemed like some of the numbers just didn’t add up in the heel and toe decreases, and some things were poorly explained. I had a bad time with it, anyway, but then again – it was my very first thing ever made on DPNs. I was confused the entire time, excepting the portions where all I had to do was knit around. I’ll get better, though.

In other news, my pattern has been accepted for the December Issue of CrochetMe! Kim said it was too cute to hang onto until the next issue. I promise to respect deadlines in the future! I swear! Hey, guys, somebody smack me if I start muttering about submitting something after deadline again. Deal? Awesome. I’m really psyched, and I’m already hard at work for my cleared-in-advance-with-the-editor submission for the LOVE mid-issue theme issue (Seeeee? Way ahead of schedule, and clearing it with the editor? I’m so good).

Oh, and I still need to make a Mother-in-law Christmas gift. I’m thinking…slippers. Anybody have any favorite slipper patterns? That you don’t exactly need to know their shoe size for? Bother. Maybe a scarf.


  1. Natalie says:

    Wow! I’m so impressed by that sock! 😯 I’ve read the Twisted Sisters book, and I’m really keen to try knitting a pair, but I’m kind of afraid of dpns… I’ve only used them to make icord so far. Great work 😀

  2. Rebecca says:

    :mrgreen:I absolutely love your blog. I was browsing the web yesterday when I found it. I am an avide crocheter also and I love the patterns and designs that you have done so far. I saved your sight to my favorites list and will be checking it often.:razz:

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