Whew! Finally!

My baby sister (yes, the redhead) got married last year, and she and her husband are expecting the arrival of a baby girl EXTREMELY soon. (I know. My other little sister and I have produced six boys between us, and she gets a girl on her first try. Punk. But am I jealous? …Rampagingly, thanks for asking.) Anyway, since she lives way off in the wilds of the West, we set up a mail shower with a friend of hers. She received the packages today, so I can show off what I sent.

Adorable baby cardigan - link to free pattern

This isn’t all I’m going to send my first niece…not by a long shot. (You’re not getting off THAT easy!) This is just what was finished in time to ship for the shower. It’s so stinking cute I just sat there and held it for like half an hour after I finished it. I used a free pattern from Kawaii Blythe that I found on Pinterest: I had a little trouble with it before I realized it was written in UK terminology, and a little more trouble after that, haha. Still! It’s adorable, it was pretty quick, and did I mention it looks adorable?

Now if I can just finagle a picture of it on a baby

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