In case you haven’t heard –

The October/November issue of CrochetMe will be understandably delayed.

While you’re waiting – and I’m sure you’re waiting patiently, aren’t you? – why don’t you check out the crocheting forums at Crochetville, the awesome free patterns at Crochet Pattern Central (or heck, why not Knitting Pattern Central, it rocks too), or go surf the blogs in the Crochet Blogs webring?

Also great for passing time are the games at Popcap, some of my personal favorites, and the awesome kitty pictures at Stuff On My Cat.

In other news, I’ve gotten permission to sell some patterns here on my blog, which is great for both you and me, as the overhead here is low enough that I can offer them for very reasonable prices. Everybody appreciates that. So, that will be something to look for in the future.

So everybody – have a great day, and practice patience!

Edit: I’ve changed my free patterns page so that, rather than listing the patterns available, a thumbnail of the pattern photo appears. I’ve also added the pattern for the scarf that appears with the newsboy hat I made. That pattern, however, is complex enough to require testing, so it won’t be available for a while yet.


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