1,092 MORE Handmade Gift Ideas

1,092 MORE Handmade Gift IdeasOriginal photo via Flickr

Ahh, November. There’s not really much time left before Christmas, you know. And if I want to make a bunch of my gifts (which I do) I need to get cracking. To get things started, I’ve put together another gift idea roundup, focusing this time on gifts that are handmade.

These are all new links, although I did laugh to myself a little over the idea of including last year’s 885 Gift Ideas in the list, which would have pushed it up to 1,977 gift ideas. Well. Have a look! There ought to be something here that sparks an idea!

25 Handmade Gifts under $5

25 Handmade Gifts (Part 2)

25 Handmade Gifts under $5 (Part 3)

32 Crafts to Make as Christmas Gifts

30 Sweet and Tasty Food Gifts

80 Gifts to Sew for Christmas

10 Gifts to Crochet for Children

10 Gifts to Knit or Crochet at the Last Minute

10 Gifts to Knit or Crochet for Babies

62 Handmade Baby Presents

10 Gifts to Make for Moms (scroll down)

23 Handmade Gifts for Friends

46 Gifts (and Printables) to make for Teachers

30 Gifts to Make for Kids

30 Gifts to Make in 30 Minutes

30 Simple Handmade Baby Gifts

43 DIY Gifts for HIM

186 Neighbor Gift Ideas

16 Handmade Gifts

16 Handmade Gifts for Crafters

10 Budget DIY Stocking Stuffers

10 Budget DIY Stocking Stuffers (Part 2)

30 DIY Stocking Stuffers for Babies, Boys, and Girls

101 Simple Handmade Gift Tutorials

101 Handmade Gifts for Men

101 Handmade Gifts for Her

101 DIY Handmade Gifts for Kids

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