Well, Crochetme is here!

After an agonizing wait ( 😉 ) the new issue of CrochetMe is here! Looks good, too. A few things are still trying to resolve themselves – for example, I keep trying to read articles only to reach the bottom of the page where the words are cut off. Refresh, everyone, refresh until they can work all of the kinks out. It’s redesigned, with the promise of a searchable pattern index to come – uh, excuse me while I wipe up my drool – and it looks like there are some good, fun patterns in this issue.

Like mine, haha. :)

I’m a little sad that they chose not to use my group shot for the cover picture, and a little concerned that the second page is hard to find – if I hadn’t been looking for the other half of my patterns, I mightn’t have seen the links for “Safari Sniffers – Page 2.” People, don’t forget to look for the lion, and tiger, and gorilla faces! Oh, my! Ah, well. I’ll show you the group shot here, at least. Click on the ‘Basket-o-Fun’ to go see my pattern!


I’ve also updated the link on my free patterns page to go to my pattern. :) Cheers!

Oh, and hey – all of these people who are waxing sad and poetic about the ‘lovely’ days of summer being gone before you can savor them all – HAH! Now it’s my turn to have nice weather. I live in Texas. The summer is unbearable. During the summer months (read: May through September) we huddle in our homes around the air vents like Alaskans around the heater in January. It was 108 degrees last month. Yeah. It sucks. But now – now a cold front has moved in, and for a few days at least we’ll be able to spend time outside for the first time (excepting dusk, dawn, and just after a rain) since April. I can’t wait. Max and I are going to the playground in the middle of the day today. Yay!

I just saw a weather forecast for my family up a few states – a low of 33 tonight? You don’t say. 😉 That sounds cold. I don’t feel too bad for them, as while I was sweltering in 100-degree-plus weather this summer they had weather in the 80s. Plus, my mom makes great cocoa.

Of course, by the end of next week we’ll be back up into the 90s, but for now…

I’m going outside!


  1. jana says:

    they are adorable melissa! and i had no trouble finding the 2nd page:) i will take a closer look when i have more time, but it all looks fab!

  2. Heather T. says:

    AMAZING! I love them all! My favorite has to be the gorrila! You are so creative. Great work. I am going to have to make them for sure!

    Thanks so much for sharing your creativitiy with us all! I love them!

  3. Tracey says:

    LOVE the safari sniffers. I’m going to make the tiger first, for my friend’s LSU Tigers fan family. I think the gorilla is my favorite… so that may be my Halloween costume. You did such a great job! Thanks for sharing! Now I get to add to my long “wish to do” list :)

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