A pattern, a pony, and a pickle…

This morning sees the second of my patterns going on sale here – the ever-awesome Lloopy Llama! Seriously – go check it out. 😉

In other news, the pony has been sucessfully completed!

finished pony

There he is, standing by a skein of Red Heart super saver for size comparison. Counting the ears, he’s 19 1/2 inches tall! Woohoo! Now, all I need to do is find someplace non-dusty to stash him for two months! 😆 I’ve been irresistibly inspired by this project: in the future I can see horses and huge toys of my own design appearing here.

But for now, I’ve got a bit of a problem.

I knit a scarf for Greg’s grandmother, because she taught me to knit last Christmas, and then I made the hat for Greg’s grandfather because he’s nice and I think he’ll appreciate it (every year he takes a trip to the mountains and goes elk-hunting with a pistol. A pistol? Apparently. He’s not as old as his age yet, lol!). Now it occurs to me that Greg’s mother (who lives with her parents) will very likely be offended if I don’t send her a handmade gift as well. Any ideas? Smallish, but still ‘thoughtful’ ideas? Things that won’t be destroyed by the pack of dogs that lives with her? (I think every stuffed animal she owns has been chewed on at least once…)

Please feel free to post ideas and specific patterns, because I really need to get to it…


  1. jana says:

    first of all, that pony is frickin hilariously cute! wow!!!!!!!
    as for your mil, how about a tea cozy? or some felted potholders, or ……..a coffee cozy, or……….a drawstring jewellery bag out of cashmere. i am thinking a small luxury item made from one skein of some horrendously expensive yarn………hrmmmmm. that’s all i got:)

  2. Katy says:

    I just wanted to drop in and say the llama is a big hit – he’s sitting on my desk at work because I can’t seem to actually part with it and send it on to my nieces!

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