Yay! CrochetMe!

Weeeeell, after fretfully checking the website every half hour or so yesterday, I had to go to bed, disappointed, without seeing it at all. :( Awwww. But it was up this morning, and I’m so excited! My pattern was the cover pattern! Wheeeee!

If, for some reason, you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, go here. I’ve also included a link to the pattern on my ‘free patterns’ page, so you can look there for it.

But I’ve got the bug now, I’ve got the bug, and my hands are twitching to design something else. Something fun, something whimsical – something Halloweenie? And, of course, now that I’ve finished Max’s birthday present, I need to get started on his Christmas present, which I’ve been planning for a little while. I want to make him a Perfect Pony, which I agree with the designer (and I think you will, too) that it is the single most perfect crocheted pony pattern I’ve ever seen.

Another big project, you say? So soon? Well, my friends, I simply cannot help myself. I only have 5 months to do all of my Christmas crocheting (plus one knitting project…) and dangit, I’m starting now!


  1. Anne says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on your blog, and holy crap, I am totally impressed with the Noah’s Ark! Well done, indeed!

    And yay for the pattern in crochet me. Totally cute. I’m adding it to my to-make list for the girls. Awesome!

    I’ve been fighting back the design bug for the last month or two. I just have too many things to get made! Seriously, it’s out of control. I just finished my last must-be-done-yesterday project and am now going to pound through all my WIP’s before they take over. Then I can have fun again. 😉

  2. Julie says:

    Well done on the puppets! They were very well written and easy to follow. I will have to make a sword to satisfy my sons thirst for yarn blood, but I know he’s going to love them all, esp. the dragon. Great job on all your work.

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