Make Your Own Sticker Scenes

Hello, and welcome back to “We’re Moving Soon!” This week while shopping I came across a bunch of sticker booklets for $1 apiece. Nice, thick sticker booklets too – not that two sheet nonsense. I bought one each for Max and Charlie in ‘bug,’ ‘zoo animal,’ and ‘crazy smiley faces.’ And, since stickers are way more fun when you have a picture to put them in, I drew some.

Coloring scenes for stickers!

I think it’s a great idea. The kids have a place to put their stickers, then they can still play by coloring in the pictures! I’m sure I’ll be drawing some more for the animals and the faces, but out of the bug ones this one’s my favorite:

If you have a hankering for bug-appropriate coloring pages, you can find them here or go up to the navigation bar and look under ‘Printables.’ I’ve put all five pages together into a printable PDF!

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