Happy Birthday, Max!

The ark is done! And not a day too soon, either…finished to widespread admiration, the ark is of sufficient size to accommodate all of the animals plus Mr. and Mrs. Noah. Yay!

finished tote (5)

I’ll have the pattern up in a few days, once I have the time and inclination to sit down and type it up.

finished tote (1)
Here’s another shot of it, as modeled by my patient and poseable sister. 😆

So we had some friends over for cake and ice cream today, Max of course got the chocolate frosting ALL over his face and hands, it was fun. We gave him some ice cream, too, and he dropped a little on his stomach. He got kind of worried about it (so cold!) until I wiped it off for him. Heeheehee. He’s getting better at manuevering while clinging to various objects, too. My little baby’s growing up! *sniff*

Ah, well. I think I’ll take a few days before embarking on my next project – at least long enough to see what’s in the next CrochetMe…*rubs hands together greedily*


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