Happy, Happy Birthday!

Max’s birthday is this week, and we had a party for him over the weekend. Said party gave me the opportunity to exercise one of my other creative interests – cake decorating! (Yay!) Using nothing but common cooking pans, I created a three-dimensional train for my vehicle-loving little boy. Here you can see how pieces from loaf pans, and a cupcake went together to form the train:


And here you can see how I finished it up. Yay, creative cake decorating!

cake (2)

In yarny news, I’m knitting Max a pair of socks to match the striped baby socks. I just sized the pattern up, and it looks very nice (Max likes socks, so he’s excited. I think it might be hereditary, Greg loves new socks, as well).

big brother sock

The second sock is halfway finished, so we’ve got good odds to finish the pair before this baby gets here!


  1. mom says:

    Isn’t it fun to make the cakes for your babies birthday’s! It beats out buying them at wal- mart. It is also much less expensive. Your doing great! Love Mom

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