Duct Tape Headband Holder

So now that Ivy is around I’m suddenly awash in headbands. They’re just everywhere. They’re in the pockets of the diaper bag. They’re on the coffee table. They’re on my nightstand, her dresser, her bed, my closet – everywhere! Obviously this is ridiculous and I needed a place to put them all.

According to my Pinterest searches research, standard procedure is to mod podge scrapbook paper onto an oatmeal canister to upcycle it into something pretty enough to hold hair bows. The problem is, I don’t really mod podge. Or have scrapbook paper, for that matter. Surely there’s another way!

(Hint: there totally is.)

Make it in Minutes - Duct Tape Headband Holder

I decided to use duct tape. Most of the other projects I’d seen use a candlestick on the bottom, but that seems as though it would be prone to tipping and breaking. I still wanted something to weight the bottom of the container to help it stand upright and make it look a little more ‘finished,’ so I bought a dish-type metal candle holder instead.

So, I covered the canister in duct tape, used a glue gun to attach the candle holder to the bottom…

Make it in Minutes: Duct Tape Headband Holder

and it was done!

Make it in Minutes: Duct Tape Headband Holder

I think it took about half an hour to complete, and it was a very satisfying project because I could immediately cover it in headbands. The lid is still removable, which means I can use the inside for storage, which means that baby hair accessories will no longer run amok and take over the house!

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