15 Sweet Stuffed Animals to Crochet for Free

Stuffed animals are one of my favorite things to crochet! If you like to make them, too, here’s a list just for you!

15 Sweet Stuffed Animals to Crochet for Free

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15 Sweet Stuffed Animals to Crochet for Free

1. Dragon by Stephanie Jessica Lau from All About Ami is an adorable little Chinese-style dragon with little felt details.

Dragon from All About Ami

2. Amigurumi Baby Chick from jennyandteddy is so quick to make the designer claims you can finish it in an hour!

Baby Chick from jenyandteddy

3. Hermione the Unicorn by Dawn Toussaint via Ravelry is a darling little unicorn with beautiful detailing that is sure to delight any little girl.

Hermione the Unicorn via Ravelry

4. Tiny Striped Turtle by KristieMN via Ravelry is a palm-sized little friend perfect for tucking in a pocket to take along on adventures.

Tiny Striped Turtle via Ravelry

5. Valentine Teddy by Stephanie Jessica Lau from All About Ami is a fuzzy, brushed amigurumi perfect for someone you love ‘beary’ much.

Valentine Teddy from All About Ami

6. Birds of a Feather by Hannah Kaminsky from Bittersweet are so quick and easy, you’ll want to make a whole flock!

Birds of a Feather from Bittersweet

7. Narwhal by Kelley Freeman from Ramen Needles is a very cute interpretation of a very unusual animal.

Narwhal from Ramen Needles

8. Amigurumi Fox by Anna S. from Spool of Sunshine has big ears, bright eyes, and would make a sweet little woodland friend.

Amigurumi Fox from Spool of Sunshine

9. Tuxedo Sam from amiguruMEI is a cute crocheted take on a classic character.

Tuxedo Sam from AmiguruMEI

10. Kawaii Polar Bear from Mohu Blog is a nubby little stubby-legged roly-poly bear, and who doesn’t love that?

Kawaii Polar Bear from Mohu Blog

11. Spring Bunnies by Stephanie Jessica Lau from All About Ami can be made in a variety of different ways, so you can make a whole warren!

Spring Bunnies from All About Ami

12. Lil Baby Unicorn by Rachel Hoe from Little Yarn Friends is just about as cuddly as a unicorn can get.

Lil' Baby Unicorn from Little Yarn Friends

13. Fluffy Sheep from i crochet things is a little ball of wooly goodnesss!

Fluffy Sheep from Ravelry

14. Baby Owl from Little Muggles can be worked in stripes of your favorite color combination.

Baby Owl from Little Muggles

15. Chinese New Year Snake by Makayla Yager from Planet Yarn makes snakes look cute. (Who knew that was possible?)

Chinese New Year Snake from PlanetYarn

Star Wars Amigurumi at Inner Child Crochet


  1. Sandee Ritter says:

    So nice of you to gather these cute little amigs together with a link to their free patterns. So many creative, generous woman online, you included! Have been crocheting amigs for my granddaughter, who is now 8 and continues to play with them. Now with identical twin grandsons, I will be making more. Love it!

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