Monday Morning Link Party: VII

Good morning, guys. I need more sleep. I also have a few projects that I need to attend to this week, and one of them involves these:


By the way, look at those guys. It’s crazy. When did they turn into children? Also, at some point Tommy got taller than Teddy. Maybe that explains why Teddy still has such chubby cheeks. Sigh. On to the links!

Hey guys. Check out this snow sculpture from BonBonanza.

Snow Sculpture from BonBonanza

I’ve cropped out some of the awesomeness for space considerations, so you should really go check it out. Speaking as someone whose last snowman looked like this:

No, really.

I’m going to go ahead and call an ‘amazing’ on this one.

Also delightful? Vanilla cupcakes for two via How Sweet It Is.

Vanilla Cupcakes for Two from How Sweet it Is

I tried these last night, and they were good. Please note, they did not taste like cake mix cake, and they were a bit spongy… but only a bit. And they were tasty. And fast. And just the right size. I made a little cream cheese/sugar glaze to go on top and the results were very well received.

Finally, remember those Harry Potter photobombs from Fucsialand? Aside from the idea, which was adorable, I commented on the cute design and mentioned that I hadn’t seen it before. Turns out, she designed it herself. And now she’s moved on to Ron.

Ron Weasley from Fucsialand

How cute! In the linked post she mentions that she’ll be attempting Hermione next and then sharing the pattern! Keep your eyes peeled for that one, guys.

Okay. Let’s link up!

  • I’d love to see something interesting. It can be something you posted or something you ran across, but please link to the specific post instead of a website.
  • Feel free to link to as many as you like!
  • Have a recipe? A tutorial? A finished project? Philosophy on life? Anything? I’d love to see it.
  • Ads, links to shops, products, giveaways and spam will be deleted.
  • Don’t forget to check out the other links and show everyone some love!

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