Monday Morning Link Party: II

Oh, hi. Welcome to my happy place.

It's Oirase Gorge. Oirase Gorge is my happy place.

(Greg took that picture in November of 2009. Oirase Gorge. Look it up, save your money, and go. I love it. I kid you not, I want to go there again before I die.)

My happy place is the place in my mind where I pretend that I’m not throwing a birthday party in five days or launching a webzine in a week. In my happy place, I have plenty of time to complete all of the tasks that I’ve set for myself and maybe bake a loaf or two of banana bread in my spare time.

My happy place is both full of it and delusional.

But hey! You guys shared some great links this week!

These Harry Potter photobombs (from Fucsialand) cracked me up.

Possibly the best idea ever! (Plus it’s a very cute design, I haven’t seen it before.)

Then there was the weaving done on cardboard looms (via Gingerbread Snowflakes).

Yarn? Cardboard? Tapestry needle? I have all those things! Hmm, weaving. Now there’s a fiber art I haven’t tried.

Next I loved the superhero winged shoes from I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar. Cute boy-friendly crafts are such a rarity!

Last but not least is the Hello Kitty Beanie from Crochet Every Day. That is one cute kid, and I say that as someone who’s seen her fair share of cute kids. That is one cute kid – the hat is cute, too – and she made me smile.

Wanna do it again?

Let’s remember the rules:

  • I’d love to see something interesting. It can be something you posted or something you ran across, but please link to the specific post instead of a website.
  • Feel free to link to as many as you like!
  • Have a recipe? A tutorial? A finished project? Philosophy on life? Anything? I’d love to see it.
  • Ads, links to shops, products, giveaways and spam will be deleted.
  • Don’t forget to check out the other links and show everyone some love!

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