Monday Morning Link Party: XV

Good morning, guys! Only one week to the launch of the next issue of Crochetvolution, and things are heating up around here! Not literally, of course. Things are downright pleasant right now:

It's weather!

We’ve got the doors and windows open, and some of the children are voluntarily wearing long pants! What I mean is, I’ve got LOADS of work to do still and also I need to finish Max’s Halloween costume (by Friday, for a party) and participate in the Halloween festivities. It’s a race between the clock and my procrastination, and as always, I can’t wait to see which wins.

In the meantime, check this out!

Mr. Bones and Mr. Boo by A Chick w/Sticks

These adorable Halloween hats, Mr. Bones and Mr. Boo, are a couple of free patterns from A Chick with Sticks. You should really check out her site; it looks like she has a TON of simple but adorable designs. Just what I like to see!

Next, will someone make one of these for me?

Corn Maze Marble Run from Whipup

I think this Corn Maze Marble Run from Whipup is awesome and amazing, and it also looks pretty time-consuming. My kids would love it, especially the little pompom ducklings following their mother around a paper pond… and the barn… and the puffball pig… they would just love it, okay?

You know what else they would love? A ghost cake.

Ghost Cake from I Am Baker

Not only is this Ghost Cake from I am Baker decorated with ghosts, but when you cut into it a ghost is revealed inside. Spooky!

Finally, I really appreciate this list of healthy trick or treating ideas from Dollar Store Mom.

Healthy Trick or Treating from Dollar Store Mom

Greg and I were just having this conversation yesterday. We don’t want our kids to get bucketfuls of candy on Halloween. We don’t want to buy a ton of candy to hand out. We also don’t want to buy expensive candy alternatives for every kid in the neighborhood. So what do you do? Breanna has some very good ideas that hopefully won’t have the kids egging your house.

Ready to link up? I have to get to work!

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