Pincushion Necklace – from a Thimble!

Did you see this adorable thimble necklace tutorial? I think it’s very creative but I wondered – why glue the pins in? Couldn’t you just make it a tiny pincushion?

It turns out, you can.


You will need:

  • a thimble
  • some cotton thread (or something else to string it on)
  • a scrap of fabric
  • a needle and thread
  • a pinch of stuffing
  • a bit of green fun fur (left over from this?)
  • some pretty straight pins
  • a drill with a tiny bit
  • a glue gun

Drill, baby, drill!

First, drill a little hole in your thimble. (This was by far the hardest part of this project. Try not to drill into your fingers!! Also – I tried first to make the hole with a hammer and a nail, and I do NOT recommend it.)

And now we have a necklace.

Tie your thread through and around the hole.

Just a scrap.

Cut a teeny, tiny, roughly circular scrap of fabric. It needs to be a bit bigger around than your thimble.

What tidy stitches!

Then, with your needle and thread, make big, sloppy running stitches all around.

You won't even see this part.

Pull. Poke a bit of stuffing into the tiny, tiny pocket you’ve just made. Mine stuck out the bottom a bit, so I just went over it with the needle and thread a few times to keep it in place. You won’t see this part in the finished necklace, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Just smoosh it in with some glue!

Stick a dab of glue in the bottom of your thimble and press your little pincushion into it.

Mow that lawn!

Make a little coil of fun fur, put a dab of glue on top of the pincushion, and press the fun fur into it. Then, give the “grass” a trim.


To finish, stick your pins in! You will have to go through the layer of glue holding the grass in, but that just makes it hold the pins more firmly. I love it!

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