A Little Something Extra

I whipped up a carrot for the bunny this week.


It’s not much, but I think the bunny will appreciate it. If you’d like to make a carrot for your bunny, too, then here’s the template.

You Will Need:

  • 1 sheet orange felt
  • scrap green felt
  • stuffing or fiberfill
  • needle and thread in desired colors
  1. Cut your pieces.
  2. Fold carrot in half. Starting at tip, sew up edge, stuffing as you go.
  3. Insert green into top of carrot and sew into place.

And that’s all!

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  1. cynthia says:

    i ended up adding three stitches in the appropriate place and ended up with the rectangle shape needed to make the sweater. it must be that we weren’t reading the pattern right… but neither my mom nor i could make sense of it til i added in the three stitches.

    it was my first time crocheting with a c hook and fingering weight yarn. also my first sweater! too bad it was miniature. i may have to try a human-sized raglan, for fun.

    thanks for the pattern.

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