Etsy Diving: Easter

You know, they have some adorable Easter items on Etsy right now.

Etsy does Easter.

1. Packed Easter Basket by ilusarts 2. Spring Chick Felted Finger Puppet by lanternlitestudio 3. One Dozen Wooden Eggs by iUsedToBeATree 4. Fuzzy Lamb by CrochetbyShannan

That packed Easter basket has some great ideas for non-candy things to include in an Easter basket. We try and avoid too much candy for the boys…of course, filling a basket with candy is pretty cheap compared to filling it with pretty much anything else.

Hanging with my Peeps!

5. Sweet Sprouts Cupcake Toppers by mimicafeunion 6. Lion and Lamb Watercolor Print by becmudd 7. Creamy Shea Tulip Soap by bubbletub 8. Hangin With My Peeps Toddler Shirt by redheadedmonkeys

Those cupcake toppers? They’re made of sugar. (I know, I just bashed excessive sugar in the last paragraph. Still, what a cool idea!) And I know the ‘hanging with my peeps’ shirt has been done before, but it’s still cute!

So…what are you putting in your kids’ Easter baskets instead of candy? I’m looking for ideas here.


  1. bezzie says:

    I have no clue! Oh there will be plenty o’junk food, but coming up with a little gift is hard!
    I love those little terracotta cupcakes!

  2. mom says:

    I like peeps 50/50 air & sugar. Also a cool toothbrush. I also like giving something to grow. Like seeds or bulbs. And a mix to bake and share.
    Dad says hot wheels :)

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