70 Ways to Fill an Easter Egg Without Candy

Mmmm, sugar and calories!

Planning holidays makes me nuts. It seems like no matter what the occasion, the prime rule is THERE MUST BE CANDY and A TON OF IT. I have four boys now. Some of them have problems with cavities. Some of them are pretty young for that much sugar. Some of them are just a little bit crazy. I’d rather not hand my boys each a bushel of candy several times a year.

However, I love the fun, the excitement, and the laughter that these occasions bring. I love delighting my children with little gifts and surprises. When it came to filling our Easter eggs, though, I was stumped. I’ve made it a point to come up with a long list of things I could put in the eggs instead of jelly beans and M&Ms.

Babies and Toddlers

  1. Teddy Grahams
  2. Animal Crackers
  3. Dry Cereal
  4. New Pacifier
  5. Pacifier Tether
  6. Small Wrist Rattle
  7. Socks
  8. Goldfish
  9. Kids

  10. Stickers
  11. Balloons
  12. Coins – heck, maybe even a dollar!
  13. Small shaped/recycled crayons
  14. Finger Puppets
  15. Small plastic animals
  16. Home-made playdough
  17. Self-inking stamp
  18. Small cookies (like Mini Oreos or Mini Chips Ahoy)
  19. Coloring page or maze, folded up
  20. Bouncy Balls
  21. Magic Grow Capsules
  22. Gumball machine prizes
  23. Mini koosh balls
  24. Fun Magnets
  25. Chalk
  26. Bubbles
  27. Temporary tattoos
  28. Mini box of raisins
  29. Silly Putty!
  30. Character Band-aids
  31. Small top
  32. Mini yo-yo
  33. Fun shaped erasers
  34. Whistles
  35. Unusual rocks
  36. Small seashells
  37. Marbles
  38. Hot Wheels (this depends on the size of the car and the size of the egg)
  39. Legos (pieces or minifigures)
  40. Nerf Darts
  41. Plastic rings
  42. Slap bracelets
  43. Barrettes
  44. Hair bows
  45. Bracelets or necklaces
  46. Lip gloss
  47. Stick-on earrings
  48. Grown-ups

  49. Seeds
  50. Small flower bulbs
  51. Nice earrings
  52. A check (if you’re rich, hah!)
  53. Cuff links
  54. Tie Tack
  55. A locket with a photo in it
  56. Gift cards (you’ll probably need extra-large eggs for this)
  57. Tea candle
  58. Small jars of spices
  59. Embroidery floss
  60. Small decorative soaps
  61. Thread cutting pendant
  62. Stitch markers
  63. Row counter
  64. Keychain
  65. Memory card or stick
  66. Digital photo keychain
  67. Small container of cosmetics like eyeshadow
  68. Tickets to a movie or event
  69. Earbuds
  70. Bucky Balls
  71. Small watch
  72. A note

I hope I’ve given you some good ideas! It was useful for me, too. My kids will be getting Hot Wheels, Teddy Grahams, Stickers, and Bouncy Balls in their eggs this year, and I bet they’re going to love it.

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