Crochet Easter Roundup

Is anyone else trying to make the gifts for their kids Easter baskets this year?


Well, if you are, here’s a beautiful batch of Easter-themed crochet patterns to get you going!

Duckies and bunnies and lambs, oh my!

1. Easter Amigurumi Pattern Set by Amy Gaines 2. Baby Chicks in Eggshell by Lani Herschensohn 3. Little Lambkins by Stephanie Martin 4. Easter Basket by Lion Brand Yarn

I wonder if those little chicks would fit into a plastic Easter egg? That would be cute, wouldn’t it?

Lots of bunnies in this batch!

5. Tiny Striped Eggs by Julie Kundhi 6. Fuzzy Bunny & Chick by June Gilbank 7. Bunny Cakes by Susan Morishita 8. Easter Marshmallow Bunnies by Doni Speigle

Those are some of the cutest crocheted Peeps I’ve seen around, and they get done a lot!

How about it? Are you making anything for your kids?

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