Drop Earrings Made Easy

If you want to try your hand at making jewelry, drop earrings are a great place to start. (They were some of the first pieces I made, at any rate.) Why? Because they’re really stinkin’ easy.

You will need:


When I first started I was using a pair of needle-nosed pliers. Let me tell you now, they do NOT work as well as the round-nosed ones. They’re not expensive, either, so if you’re going to make jewelry save yourself the headache and buy a pair.

Anyway, all you do is thread your beads onto the headpin (remember that the head of the pin hangs at the bottom).


Then, take your round-nosed pliers and carefully make a loop in the end of your wire. For best results, bend the base of the loop like a question mark instead of leaving it straight. (It’ll hang better.)


If your pin is too long, trim it with your wire cutters. Otherwise, thread your loop through the loop on your ear wire and close it as tightly as you can. Repeat steps for the other earring.

Congratulations, you just made earrings!

Lovey earrings.

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