Well This is Taking a Long Time.

Well. I’ve enjoyed working with the Bernat Baby Jacquards, making the blankets to send off to the triplets. I’ve got the first one almost finished, but some of the special finishing I want to do is making me drag. That’s when it occurred to me: I have to make two more of these anyway…

Look! Pink stripes!

I might as well start the other two blankets while I wait for my brain to catch up, right? I think I like the way this pink looks in the pattern better than the Spearmint Candy! The colorway is called Cherry Berry and it’s really cute. I think that having less color variations makes it look better in the crochet for some reason. Funny how a self-patterning or color changing yarn can make a larger project feel like it’s progressing faster!

You know, I have some more of this yarn in baby blues and greens. I wonder how small a project would be to fit the color changes perfectly? I might try and find out after I get these baby blankets finished!

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