Etsy Diving: Valentine

Ahh, February. The month of love. The month, most likely, where the ridiculous winter weather forced everyone to stay inside together so long that they started fighting, and needed to make up by the middle of the month. Sounds plausible to me, and we’re not even snowed in like most of the country – it’s just cold enough that the kids need to bundle up to go outside, so they stay in. Kids today!

Yes, you are in my heart.

1. ‘You Are Here’ Letterpress Poster by rollandtumblepress 2. Sweetheart Crib Quilt by lululadybugs 3. Do You Like Me? Check Yes or No Cuff by vsc83 4. Felt Valentine’s Fortune Cookies by annshouse

I have a thing for quirky uses of anatomical hearts in Valentine’s Day decoration. How much do you love that poster?!

How insane is that heart?!

5. Sweethearts Antiqued Brass Locket by backstreetcreations 6. Felt Conversation Hearts by beckym 7. Lady is a Vamp Rose Filigree Flower Ring by luxeadornments 8. Hand Blown Heart in a Jar Glass Miniature by kivaford

Again, in my opinion that little heart in a jar just steals the show. How cool is that? There’s a little rod behind the heart that holds it up so it can ‘float’ in the middle. Amazing!


  1. bezzie says:

    Ha ha! That’s cool! I think my fave is the bracelet though–sooooo elementary school, which is kind of what Vday reminds me of. Super-sugary cupcakes and storebought valentines cards.

  2. Victoria says:

    Came across your blog today – thanks so much for including my “Do You Like Me” cuff in your Valentine’s post!

    I agree – the blown glass heart in a jar is spectacular! I tried glass blowing once.. let’s just say it was way more difficult than I’d ever envisioned! Clearly that artist has some amazing skills. :)

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