Working hard, or hardly working?

Oh dear, it’s been a while since I last posted, hasn’t it? Well, the eventful day of rain was followed by several more days of rain, clouds, and sprinkles (we had a lovely rainstorm during fireworks, and right before our barbeque so everything was nice and freshly muddied) but the rain has gone. Now it’s just hot and dry.

At any rate, in the past week and a half, I started, completed, wrote up, typed up, photographed, and submitted a pattern to Crochetme. Yay! I haven’t published a pattern with them since – what? – February? ‘Bout time. And guess what? It’s made entirely of stash yarn! Woo hoo! So that’s going well. The real story here is that since I finished crocheting said project several days ago, I did not allow myself to start on anything new. This was intended to serve as motivation to work on the pattern-finishing end of what I do: the transcribing from my notepad to the computer, checking numbers, formatting, photographing, arranging, blurbing, and diagramming is not always as fun as the whole creative process.

Even with the Crochetme pattern out of the way, though, I still have another pattern to type up aside from Chaco, who still requires a little typing. Then I have to make about 10 assembly diagrams for Chaco, photograph Chaco, make the Chaco pattern look all pretty, get testers for Chaco….it’s all about Chaco, Chaco, CHACO! 😛 What about my desire to surround myself in a shoulder-high pile of yarn and just make stuff? *sigh*

Well, last night when I finished typing the pattern, I decided that I deserved a teeny, tiny knitting project to deal with the withdrawal (hands shaking for a fix type more slowly). It had to be a knitting project, of course, because I so rarely crochet something from a pattern, and designing something new would be rather adding to the problem. By midmorning today, I had this:

baby sock (2)

Awwww. A baby sock. I was impressed how little yarn it really took – I used a ball of scrap yarn that I didn’t actually believe would make a whole baby sock, and lo! There was some left over. 😯 This was my first sock working toe-up, and I also did short-row shaping for the first time ever. Go me! As you can see in the picture, I have some lovely gaping holes, which I’m not terribly fond of – I’ll be closing those discreetly with a needle and some yarn. And as long as we’re being honest here:

baby sock

Whoopsie. I definitely messed up on the toe increases. The pattern made a transition with instructions that were insufficient for a knitting n00b like me, and, I have a suspicion, may just be unclear. I understand what to do on the second sock, but it doesn’t tell you to…oh, well. Some of the toe distortion will also be mended with gentle needle correction (I was raised in the “fudge it ’til it fits” school of home crafting) but I didn’t want to pretend that this project went perfectly. It went all right, which is fine for a learning project.

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