Check Out These Color Changes!

Okay, so as you will recall, I am making some little lovey-style blankets for my dear sweet relative’s triplet girls, and I’m taking the opportunity to use some girly Bernat Baby Jacquards that I ordered back before we were told the twins would be boys. I thought it would be a good way to get a measure of how the color changes would work out in crochet. So, let’s see how those colors worked up!

First up, the Spearmint Candy colorway.

Bernat Baby Jacquards Spearmint Candy

Not bad – the patterning came out a little chaotic, and as you can see from the pink stripe in the middle it wanted to be used for something a little shorter. Maybe a hat? Still, I would use it again for something else, although I’d give careful consideration to how long the repeats would be.

Next up: Cherry Berry!

Bernat Baby Jacquards Cherry Berry

Meh. Pink and white, not really anything to write home about. I’m sure it would look nicer in something with a shorter stitch repeat so that the color changes would be a little clearer, but still. Just buy a pink and white variegated yarn and have done with it.

Finally: Berries n’ Cream.

Bernat Baby Jacquards Berries n' Cream

BAM! Howe do you like that?! (Although how does a colorway like that get saddled with “Berries n’ Cream” instead of something like “Strawberry Lemonade?”) Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from this color either, but the super-long color changes made beautiful bold stripes and you can still see the flecking in the middle, as well. Definitely I would recommend this colorway over the other two for crocheting with.

Unfortunately if you look at the swatches of the other colors available from Bernat, it looks like most of them are the short, busy patterns instead of the longer ones; perhaps “I’m a Big Boy” and “Lemon Pie” would work up similarly.

Well! That’s the last of the mitered squares, and now it’s time to put some ruffles on these bad boys!

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