Here We Go!

Do you remember last summer when I mentioned that a relative of mine was expecting triplets? Well, they were born last month: three lovely little girls. (Good thing I sent those bows!) Now, I’ve been planning what I should make for her daughters – miss a chance to crochet for three baby girls? Not me! I just hadn’t got around to it. While I was organizing and unpacking boxes the other day, though, I came across some skeins of pink baby yarn. What else am I to use them for?

Look at those fun stripes!

Have you seen these? It’s the Bernat Baby Jacquards, it’s a self-patterning yarn that’s really fun. They’re used a lot more for knitting because the taller stitches in crochet can throw off the repeat and make it look peculiar, but I’ve been making mitered squares in single crochet and it’s working out pretty well. The best thing about making squares, I have to say, is that I don’t need to pay as much attention to what I’m doing while I watch TV.


  1. bezzie says:

    oh wow! do multiples run in your family??
    That’s a cute blankie, and no, I haven’t seen that yarn. Very cool.
    I completely understand the need to create something girly.

  2. madhavi says:

    I just absolutely love the colors and the pattern it’s creating… you can just tell it’s going to be a gorgeous blanket when you’re all done. It’s fun to knit/crochet for girls….BTW I LOVE the heart in the jar on your Valentine’s Day blog… plus the ‘You are here’ poster !!

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