And While We’re At It…

Here are 5 Girly Baby Projects So Cute You Might Die. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. Cecily Baby Sweater by Alicia Paulson

May cause cuteness spasms.

This is a simple round-yoked cardigan, but the little ribbon threaded through is such a delicate feminine touch!

2. Ellis Dress by Jaana

Ellis Dress

Okay, how cute is that?! Don’t lie. Amazingly, this pattern was originally written in Finnish but has been translated into English.

3. Shell Stitch Beanie by The Dainty Daisy

Too. Cute. Must! Resist!

…I might make some of these. What?! I have a legitimate reason! Triplets need a lot of hats, I’m sure…

4. Milk Infant Top by Brandy Fortune

How adorable is that?!?

This is another example of simplicity executed to perfection. Look! It’s even got little flip mittens on the ends of the sleeves to keep little fingers warm and little faces unscratched. Just don’t look at that baby too long if the cuteness is overwhelming you. Speaking of which, if you’re about to have a cuteness-induced coronary, DEFINITELY do not look at number five, which is…

5. Lazy Daisy Dress-up Kit by Anna & Heidi Pickles

Ahh! My eyes!

I sincerely apologize to anyone injured by the overwhelming amounts of cuteness in this post.

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