A Quick and Dirty Guide to Framing Fabric

Before we left Japan, I bought a few thin cotton towels at the Daiso printed with famous works of Japanese art. (100 yen apiece, score!) My intention when I bought them was to frame them; I love the extra texture that fabric gives to the wall and at that price it’s cheaper than posters, so why not? If you have some fabric that you think would look good framed and hanging, here’s a quick effective method to get it on the wall pronto!

Ukiyo-e for the wall.

You will need your fabric, a picture frame, and some tape.

Cut off the excess.

Cut off the excess; fabric is bulkier than pictures or prints, and if you have too much crammed into your frame it may not fit properly. Be sure to leave about half an inch around the part of the fabric that you want visible so that you can fold the edges under.

Start taping!

Remove the cardboard frame backing that would normally hold the photo in. This is what you’re going to stretch your fabric across. Center your fabric on the cardboard facing up (make sure the part you want to see is visible). Then take one edge and fold it over the back as straight and smoothly as you can. Tape in place.

Stretch it tight and tape some more!

Now, work your way around folding the fabric over the back and taping it in place. As you do, be sure to pull it taut and smooth. Just do a little at a time and make sure you tape all the way around the back to hold it down. It’s all right if your cardboard bends – don’t fold or crease it, though – as long as it’s bending in a way that will pull the fabric tighter when it’s flattened, not loosen it.

Then, carefully insert it into the frame. Hang it up and admire your work!

So. Freaking. Fabulous.

It’s so awesome I can hardly stand it!

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  1. bezzie says:

    My mom made something similar for my sister. She couldn’t find a mat for a picture she was framing, so she used fabric instead.

    I love the way the boys are so taken with your handiwork!

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