5 Free Patterns Worth Making for Valentine’s Day

You guys don’t really want to see my progress on my project every day, do you?

If you’re slow like me, and you want to make something for Valentine’s day… before March…you need to start in January. Fortunately, there are a lot of free patterns out there already for those of us who need a head start. Liiiiike:

5. Hearts by Anna Hrachovec


They’re tiny, adorable hearts. Why haven’t I made these yet, again?!

4. Happy Valentine’s Day Hat by Amy O’Neill Houck

This is a beautiful example of tapestry crochet and Amy even created a chart and a video tutorial to help you figure it out. Too bad I’m not likely to need a warm hat for the next few years. Sigh.

3. Brilliant Butterfly Pillow by Katherine Eng

It's a butterfly!

These remind me of the butterflies we made every February in elementary school, with hearts for wings. Cute!

2. Heart by Kristin Ledgett


Hahaha! It’s an anatomical heart. Excellent!

1. Suzetta’s Heart Pin by Suzetta Williams

Sweet and simple.

This pattern is great because you can basically add a quick heart embellishment to anything and say, “There! It’s Valentines.”

I’m going to sneak one last pattern in, because…how could I not, living here?

Amigurumi cactus? Kawaii desu!

Amigurumi Heart Cactus by Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen. Just adorable.

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  1. mom says:

    Funny, the butterfly reminded me of the one you made in – was it kindergarten?- where you used all Dad’s Rubics Cube stickers to decorate the wings! He still treasures that! See friends – creative from the beginning.

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