It’s Funny How it Works

Isn’t it?

Top secret!

Greg once asked me why I needed so much yarn, and why I ever bought more when I already had so much. (Just to be clear, I’ve not bought any yarn for a long time – you know. On account of not using any for so long.)

Last night I sat with my hook and some yarn, attempting fitfully to start something new. I tried one way, and another, and a third before finally giving it up. I went back to my yarn – still only partially unpacked – and stared at the colors. After a moment they started jumping out at me. Red. Blue. Yellow. Green. I held them in my hands and I knew what they wanted to be. Sure enough, as soon as I attached the yarn to my hook the pieces started flowing out almost as though they had been there all along. Inspiration is a fickle horse, it seems, and being able to pick through different materials allows me to follow it wherever it runs.

I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

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