“My Life” in Motion

We made it!

In just a few short weeks we went from this

to this…

from here –

through here…

until we arrived here!

We did take a small detour through the Painted Desert,

which was an incredible experience, but eventually we arrived somewhere a bit more…

cactus-y? I must admit, the desert is pretty cool – at least in October, when it’s only about 85 degrees! Max and Charlie cannot get enough of the cactus, and every time we drive somewhere they enthusiastically point out each one that we pass. (Which means that if the car is in motion, all we hear is “Cactus, cactus, cactus, cactus, cactus!” from the backseat.)

So, we are living in a hotel while we try to find a house and trying not to die in traffic that’s suddenly about three times faster than we’re accustomed to.

Also, in all the chaos, Tommy and Teddy turned one year old.

Happy birthday, sweeties!

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