I’m back, and things are better

We are home again, which is nice. We’re starting to shed the exhaustion that plagued us on our…adventure. Greg’s grandfather is still alive (something of a medical marvel), and it seems he’ll stay that way for a while. The doctors kept saying things like, ‘basically, 1% chance he’ll survive the surgery‘ and ‘well, people in his condition don’t usually live this long,’ in these amazed and puzzled voices, but he made it through the corrective surgery and the failure of several major organs to plant his feet firmly on the path to recovery.

Those of us who know him can’t help but not be too surprised that he refused to die.

In other news, the LOVE mini-issue of Crochetme has arrived! If you’ve seen it you may know already that Max is headlining there, with some crocheted thing also in the photo. (He does make a very cute little cherub…) This little issue comes as a bit of a snack to hold us over as they rearrange the publication schedules to a more seasonal one. I’m glad that they decided to give us a metaphorical cookie a bit early instead of just making us wait a month for dinner (as we starve to death from the dearth of snappy articles and new hip patterns). Anyway, I’m off to update the link to Pieces of My Heart in my Free Patterns section. Later!


  1. KathyMarie says:

    I got the mini-issue and saw the adorable baby & heart pillow scene “on the cover,” and thought he looked kind of familiar… Hooray for Max for making it to the big time! Great pattern, too!

    I’m glad things are so positive for Grandpa, and that you and yours are home and getting back to calm.

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