Happy Halloween!

Superman and Indiana Jones would like to remind you to stay safe, have fun, and that ultimately (for them, at least) today is all about candy.

This marks the second year in a row that my boys have gone out in purchased costumes. What can I say, we were awfully busy last October. I did end up making a little something for Tommy and Teddy, but we were more than happy to buy something off the rack for Max and Charlie and call it good. This year was supposed to be a little more leisurely, but then we went and moved four months early and here we are again, living out of suitcases and waiting.

Greg and I have promised each other that next year, we’re gonna do it up right.

We should have the time to do it, too – right now our plans are to stay here for four years. Whoooohoooo. That gives me chills. Four years is almost twice as long as we’ve ever stayed any one place, ever! Ever!! I’m really, really excited to have the opportunity to invest in a house and a place and friends for such a long time. Since we’re buying a house, as well (the seller accepted our offer yesterday, so the end of hotel living is in sight!) who knows? We might even stay here longer.

But for now, up! Up! And away!

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  1. bezzie says:

    Oh you’ll be there longer. Don’t they say 5 years is what you have to live in a house for to make it worthwhile when you sell? Of course that was what they said before the market went belly up–ha ha!

    Happy Halloween! I wussed out and did the storebought costumes too. Upstairs neighbor wanted to buy them for the boys. Who am I to deny her? Ha ha!

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