I’m Feelin’ Felt

You know what’s fun? Felt.

King of the bakers!

It’s cheap, it’s sturdy, it comes in pretty, pretty colors, the edges don’t fray when you cut them, and since you’re not fabricating the material, you can make stuff with it really fast.


I totally made that pirate eye patch in five minutes. To sum up: felt! It’s awesome!

And now for something tangentially felt-related – does anyone remember this flannelboard? (Anyone?) I have a confession to make: the cardboard inside did not survive the move to Japan, and I tucked the flannel and animals away to ‘eventually’ re-mount.

I did it last night.

I swear I ironed this.

I  found the largest puzzle-frame available at the Daiso (slightly larger than poster-sized) and wrapped and taped the flannel around it. It’s a lot smaller than the original, but I was able to tuck the excess behind the frame back so that if I ever come up with a better way to make it larger the fabric is intact.

Despite (because of?) not having seen it in years, the kids were pleased.

Look! Hallway play!

I hung it in the hallway as part of my plan to get the kids to play back there more.

Llama, llama, duck!

Looks like it might work, too! Now all I need is a way to organize the pieces.


  1. Christine says:

    Hi! Just came across your website. Especially love the 100 yen pouch– it’s so convenient and adorable! I was wondering though, could I sell pouches I make using your pattern through my Etsy shop?

    . . . Okay, I actually just posted that on the post below this by accident, but I posted again on this one because I wasn’t sure if you checked previous posts. x) And I forgot, but congratulations to the mother of those triplets!

  2. bezzie says:

    The funniest flannelboard background I saw for sale once was a prison scene. Ha ha! Really? What kind of kids play with that?

  3. Abi says:

    Cute crown! I’m starting to love using felt too especially after I made the felt pumpkins with the interchangable faces. My girls loved that!

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