It’s Curtains for You!

Because the only thing more boring than reading about a slowly expanding pink and yellow circle is blogging about a slowly expanding pink and yellow circle…it’s time for curtains! Yesterday Greg had me take up the legs of his new uniform because he accidentally got longs in the excitement of buying them. Yeah. I said excitement. They just became available, and it was like some sort of military Harry Potter release. There were crowds, long lines, shortages, confusion, and now the cool kids who got all of their uniform items before Military Clothing sold out get to wear them to work and make their less fortunate friends say, “Dang it! I knew I should have gone over there as soon as I got off work…”

But anyway. I was up there with the sewing machine and I decided to finish the curtains for the dining room (that I started last November). Since they are no more and no less than hemmed rectangles with rod pockets, I’d like to present ‘Creative Ways to Make Your Rectangular Curtains Look Fancy.’ Incidentally, this helps keep the kids from ripping the curtain rods out of the wall, too.

curtains There are actually tons of ways that you can tuck and twist your curtains to make them stay up and look different. Most of them look pretty silly. More could be done, I’m sure, if you were willing to use ribbons or ties or something, but I’m too lazy for that. I only found two ways to tuck the curtain up that looked cool and didn’t use anything but the curtain rod to keep them there. First up is the way that Greg likes better. To achieve this look, pick a point in the center of the panel, about eight inches above the windowsill. Grab it, pull it out towards you, and allow the rest of the curtain to fall from it. Tuck this peak over and behind the curtain rod, and enjoy your new look. (It always takes me a few tries to get this to look the way I like.)

curtainsThis second way is the one I prefer. Hold one side (side a) of your curtain panel, level with the windowsill, and draw it across to the other side of the window (side b). Keeping your hold on side a, begin pulling it up towards the rod. Make sure you keep from dragging side b up with you – a few tugs to keep it going straight down usually suffice. Stop about six to eight inches below the curtain rod, and tuck your handful over and behind the rod to secure. Pretty, right?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of ‘Creative Ways to Make Your Rectangular Curtains Look Fancy.’ Maybe I’ll sew the valances sometime before we move out of this house. Haha.


  1. bezzie says:

    Mmmm…I kind of want to munch on your curtains. Are they brown satin? They look like they popped out of a Dove chocolate commercial.

    I like the truffle look in the first view.

    And thanks for the tips about the ads. Now I have to weigh whether or not I go corporate. Is that like when Dylan went electric?? 😉

  2. Anna says:

    Hey. Lost track of you when you switched blogs. So glad I found this one. Those curtains look fabulous for being rectangle peices of fabrics. I can’t decide which one I like more.

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