Project Yarnway

I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it on my blog before, but I love Project Runway. I’ve watched every season (the seventh season just started, and I am avidly following along via the internet. Hurrah, internet!) because I love seeing what talented, creative people will produce when given parameters and a time limit. It’s cool.

So when I had the idea of a crochet/knitting based version, I couldn’t resist trying to get it going. We started the group on Ravelry today – Project Yarnway, of course – and we’re going to begin the first challenge on February 1st. It’s going to last a year, one challenge each month, and while there won’t be any eliminations (that’s not how we roll) there will be winners and prizes and good times, oh yeah.

Whether you create your own designs or you just love to watch creative people at work, come on over and join the group! We need people to talk about and vote on the designs as much as we need designers. If we get enough people together I anticipate this being a really, really, really fun time.

Project Yarnway, people. Make it work.

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  1. Abi says:

    I love Project Runway too. I watched a season for the US and then I was excited that there was a Project Runway Canada. So many interesting designs. I’ll have to check out your new group!

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