Exploring Tangents

So even though I have a million things to do, I can always make room for a completely random side project. In this case, it’s a Rav-based Crochet-Along in my new favorite group, Obscuriosity. The premise is that there are tens of thousands of awesome patterns out there that haven’t necessarily had their fifteen minutes of fame. We share the hidden gems and spread the obscure-pattern love through Crochet and Knit Alongs in the group, and in general it’s just a good time. I’m in the large item crochet-along, which this round is for Doris Chan’s ‘Tall Latte.’ It’s been a challenge.

This thing is the debil.

I’m using Wool-Ease, which is a perfectly fine yarn, but it’s not a perfect substitution for DK weight. I’m using a larger hook, too, so I’ve had to do a lot of math. Add to that a poor initial size choice and a reading comprehension FAIL, and I’ve actually crocheted all of the yarn in this twice – usually four or five rows at a time. I’ve gotten below the arms, though, and it should be smooth sailing down to the hem. (I’ll let you know how the sleeves go.)

Speaking of sailing (and tangents), I made an orca for Max’s bedroom today.

Orca on the wall and I wanna touch it!

Because I am just that awesome.

(Eight sheets of black construction paper, two sheets of white, a lot of tape, some glue, and a marker. It was fun. Max is into marine creatures right now.)


  1. Bezzie says:

    Free Willy!!!! Impressive. And it’s a happy orca–no floppy doral fin!

    I’ve browsed that thread before, the amount of obscure gems is almost overwhelming!!

  2. Oromin says:

    I love the book Everyday Crochet! (That the sweater is from.) I would love to make a couple of things from it once I work up the guts to mak anything bigger than accessories.

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