TooManyHooks is brought to you today by the letter ‘H’

…and the number ‘3!’ ‘H’ begins such words as ‘happy,’ ‘hallelujah,’ and ‘hoo boy, I’m glad I finished that project!’ 3, of course, represents the number of weeks I’ve spent on it. (I mean, I didn’t work 3 weeks straight on it, but I didn’t let myself start another project until it was done. Aside from the smock. But let’s not speak of that.) Wanna see some pictures?

Too bad. That would spoil the surprise, now, wouldn’t it?

Once I finished, I immediately flung myself into some knitting. (Well, I mean, before that I may or may not have gathered it up and danced around the room giggling like a maniac. Allegedly.) Or, I would have, but I had a problem. You see, we had thought that we would be moving into our house this coming weekend. We’re not – probably the next weekend, they had to redo something. If we were moving this weekend, I would work on the smock in whatever free time I had between the throes of packing and moving and still somehow being a mom. Now we have an extra week of ‘almost normal’ squished in the middle, and I was not about to go two and a half weeks with only one project. I knew exactly what I wanted to knit (I’ve been twitching to knit for a week and a half or so – I think it’s a reaction to the creative challenge and tiny pieces and weird shapes I’ve been crocheting. Give me some order and mindlessness!) My yarn and needles were still accessible (you may recall that I was waiting until I finished The Project to seal up the yarn box) but there was oooone major setback.

The book I needed was in a box. At the bottom of a box, actually. At the bottom of a box on the bottom of a stack of book boxes.

What to do, what to do. I actually dithered for almost five minutes about whether or not to move the boxes, unseal that particular box, and unload it to get at the book. Can you guess what the answer was? Of course I went in after it. I’ve been knitting (as the children will allow) ever since.

You don’t get to see that either, though. Don’t act so surprised – it’s almost November!


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