How to Make a Necklace Holder

I was poking around the internet the other day when I ran across this homemade necklace organizer. It looked neat, simple, useful . . . well within my carpentry and crafting skills…and I decided to give it a go.


I assembled my materials: a nice bamboo silverware organizer, seven carefully assorted drawer pulls, a roll of contact paper, and a large picture hanger.

Step 1: Drill holes.


Step 2: Tentatively insert first strip of contact paper.

Hmm. Not so much.

Step 3: Realize that the contact paper really looks like nothing more than contact paper, and that there’s not any reason to cover the pretty, pretty bamboo backing.

Step 4: Ditch contact paper.

Step 5: Insert first drawer pull.

Step 6: Realize that the screws for the pulls are far, far too long to be useful in such a thin material.

Step 7: Begin grinding off the ends of screws with a gutless battery-operated Dremel that was not charged after last use. Be sure to hold the screws with your bare fingers and scrounge a pair of sunglasses for eye protection from the powdered shrapnel.

Step 8: Stop to briefly charge battery.

Step 9: Grind through the screw another fraction of an inch.

Steps 10-17: Repeat steps 8 and 9 alternately.

Step 18: Make it through the first screw.

Step 19: Plug battery back into charger and find something else to do.

Step 20: Wait three hours.

Step 21: With the power of electricity, rapidly grind through five more screws.

Step 22: Grind the final screw too short to be useful.

Step 23: Cry.

Step 24: Poke through the garage until you find the gallon ziplock of “assorted hardware” that you know is in there.

Step 25: Spend ten minutes trying to fit various screws into the pull.

Step 26: Find a suitable screw! Attach final pull to holder.

Step 27: Gently tap nails for picture hanger into back of necklace organizer.

Step 28: Split wood bamboo, whatever.

Step 29: Find and consume chocolate.

Step 30: Carefully clamp split back together with tape. Yes. Tape.

Step 31: With power drill and tiny bit, slowly predrill holes for nails.

Step 32: Successfully affix  hanger to back. done!

(Please notice it is now night.)

Step 33: Hammer nail into bedroom wall.

Step 34: Hang necklace holder and adorn with jewelry.

At least it works.

Step 35: Swear off any project involving power tools for at least six months.

…At least it looks nice with all the light wood in my bedroom.


  1. Bezzie says:

    Hahahahaha! I have a ziplock bag like that too! And smart move not putting in the contact paper. Took forever but it was worth it I’d say!

  2. Gma Jean says:

    You are your mothers daughter. She would rather have a hammer in her hand than a needle. I’m proud of you. You make beautiful things.

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