Sweater Number Two Plus Something New!

Well, I finished the second sweater!


Sheesh. I really don’t like doing the same thing twice. This may become problematic… Still. They turned out well, and they look cute together.

Two little sweaters. :)

Plus, if after all these babies turn out to be girls (the doctor told us she’d give us a 20% chance that they were not boys. Woo!) they’re gender-neutral enough to do well. Do you like them? Well, if you want to make one of your own, you can find the pattern over at Inner Child Crochet. (For free!)

Now that I’ve finished them, I’m taking a brief baby-clothes break to work on something for myself:

I really love the color of this yarn!

Pattern is Shrug Springs Eternal by Nikki Adams. (Rav link!) I need to expand my lightweight shrug collection, since all of the knee-length or better maternity dresses I can find are sleeveless – and I don’t do sleeveless. I’m using Red Heart Lustersheen Multi in Ocean, and I think it’s a beautiful color. Hopefully I’ll have that finished soon!


  1. mom says:

    Patience is a wonderful thing to learn – and doing the same thing twice will help! Then again you could focus more on complimentary and contrasting rather than matching! That way they are the same but different 😀

  2. Bezzie says:

    Your Mom’s comments crack me up.

    I like the matching sweaters–and that blue on the shrug is so summery! I think I have a skein that color somewhere…

  3. Susan Winlaw says:

    Oh I wish I had the bod for shrugs !!! That one looks beautiful. I can hardly wait until I see your finished piece.

    Keep up the stellar work.

    Susan Winlaw………Live & Love in JOY

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