That’s One Down


The sun has come out around here, by which I mean – the sun has FINALLY come out around here and it looks like we’re finally going to get some real summer weather. I forget still that when the seasons change, a gigantic wind comes in and literally blows the old weather system out of here. (It’s pretty awesome to watch the massive cloud blanket break up and blow away, even if it’s rough to be outside at the time. Poor Charlie got an eyeful of gravel dust because the boys could not wait to play outside in the sunshine until the second or third day, when the wind’s exhausted itself.)

For that matter, as soon as I saw how sunny it was, I whipped the buttons on and the ends into the first sweater so I could get a decent picture.

Buttony stripey cuteness!

It was harder than it looks to get this shot: the wind kept flinging the sweater up onto me! (Look, you can have the sleeves cuffed…)

Little ribbed sleeves! Too cute!

(or uncuffed.) I think little sleeves with little ribbed ends are just adorable. :) Now, the second striped sweater is completely finished except for the ends and the buttons – so as soon as I get my buns in gear and do the finishing work on it, I’ll get some pictures of that one, too.

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