Stop – Sweater Time!

Break it down.

Look! A sweater!

Here we have another baby/toddler sweater of questionable aesthetic value made for no one in particular. (Seriously, I have two words for you: tricolor pasta. It’s kind of hard to see the olive green in this picture, but I was having spinach noodle flashbacks while I was working on this.) The pattern is Kelly’s Sweater from Bella Bambina Knits – although it is, of course, crocheted – and the yarn is the same Daiso brand of ‘Space Dyde’ yarn as I used in the Magma Sweater. I had to modify it slightly when I ran out of yarn: the sleeves are edged with a round of slip stitches instead of single crochet. (Yes, it was that close. Darn it.) Here’s another picture, because I spent a week on it:

Buttons! Yay!

I would have liked to use more buttons, but the package only came with five, and I used two on my panta and one on something I made for Charlie’s Halloween costume. Which I will now show you because I don’t care if it is November, cute is cute.

Happy Halloween!

Cute children! I made Charlie a little tool belt in about thirty minutes before we dashed out to a party and I used the third button to secure it. I think it would have stayed put a lot better if those overalls had belt loops, but they do not. (I made Max’s fireman costume with black sweats and cheap yellow reflective tape I bought at the Daiso – love that place. Sadly, the tape has now been removed.) Anyway, I think the above sweater looks fine with just two buttons.

But what, you may be asking yourself, is up with all the random and pointless sweater-making? Melissa, don’t you have a mile-long list of things to make that will actually be *used*? Why yes, yes I do. But I wanted to practice structuring sweaters because I want to get better at designing them – and it’s go time!

Sweater in embryo.

Can’t touch this.


  1. Bezzie says:

    At least your tri color pasta looks like it has parmesan cheese! Yum!

    Love the Halloween costumes! Just be careful with the crocheted accessories. Chunky thought I was knitting his ENTIRE costume this year….uh yeah sorry kiddo!

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