Sweet, Sweet Avoidance

Well. Sweater design is proving a worthy adversary: despite hours of work, we have returned to 7 unused skeins and thus have nothing to show. (Well, unless you’re interested in seeing one skein re-wrapped in its own entrails. But I don’t feel like photographing, formatting, and uploading that just for giggles.) So, while I regroup, I’m distancing the problem by whipping out lots and lots of small, easy projects! For example:

Magnet cars!

Magnet cars! We saw a little boy with some of these in church a few weeks ago: it’s just felt sewn around a round magnet with four small buttons for wheels. They’re fast, fun, and well-loved. (I’m pretty sure the peanut gallery is going to demand more colors.) So that was this morning…last night I tossed off two versions of a design I’m writing up to submit for Crochet Uncut‘s last-minute project issue, due out in December. (If you’re not familiar, Crochet Uncut is a new crochet e-zine that’s just starting up.) Obviously I can’t show you pictures yet, but trust me – it was fun.

Now I’ve put away the buttons and felt and I’m very carefully not looking directly at the sweater yarn glaring at me from the side table, thinking that surely, there must be one more thing I can do before I go back to that…oh, well. I suppose I have some mending that I could do…


  1. Mandi Kumar says:

    Hey the car magnets are adorable! I think I will try to something like that. My 2 yr old Deven loves cars.

    I’m glad you are enjoying life I was so hoping to talk more with you about things since we last saw each other.

    Wishing you all the best!

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