‘Ugly’ Sweater Contest Winner

Our Church Christmas party was last night, which means among other things that I’ll have a sheep costume tutorial ready to put up soon. The other thing we were all looking forward to about it was the Ugly Sweater contest. Greg came up to me as soon as the poster announcing it was put up.

“Hey. Can you make an Ugly Sweater for me?”

“Sure I can,” I said.

“I only want to do it,” he said, eyes glinting, “if I’m going to win.”

“Oh, I think we can manage that,” I said, trying not to cackle maniacally too soon and spook him.

I’ll save you the suspense and tell you now: he won.


Really, the other contestants had no chance. Their entries mostly fell into one of two categories: either a commercially made Christmas sweater, or a plain sweater with Christmas decorations attached to it. The only exception was the second place winner (seen blurring, at right) who decided to wear a tiny pink sweater…which technically wasn’t even a Christmas sweater. Cheater, haha. Still, no one could defeat the lovingly homemade yarn, felt, and glue-gunned monstrosity that I made for my husband. (Also, he wore that hat.)

Here’s a straight on picture that we took at home (before the cotton balls started to go):

He could NOT stop laughing.

Too funny! I improvised a seamless top-down round yoke pullover (out of Red Heart Super Saver – I’m not wasting good yarn on a one-night gag, but my poor husband was sweating all night). Greg kept trying to make me do something awful to the construction like make one sleeve longer than the other or make big gaping holes, but I told him that the point of an Ugly Sweater contest is not a badly made sweater, but one that’s really, really TACKY. He wasn’t too impressed with it until we got to the embellishment. When he came up the stairs after we (the boys were helping me, of course) had glued lights all around the yoke and added the gingerbread man to the belly, though, he could not stop laughing. He was laughing all night, and so was everyone that saw him, which I think is the entire point – don’t you?

(Edit: You can find directions for this sweater here!)

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