Takin Care of Business: Contest Winners!

Wow, there were so many great entries that it was really difficult to pick out the best three. Fortunately, I was able to disqualify one excellent poem because it was written by my sister! (Whom I suspect of simply being drawn helplessly to a poetry challenge, but hey! If you want the patterns just let me know, I’ll send you any you like.) Let’s read that poem now:

My fledgling web of dreams,
Looped ’round with coloured string,
And despite the tugging fingers,
Knotting and unwinding together,
The threads begin to take their shape,
In their own rambling way
Merrily meandering toward the time
When they will be (all clipped and tucked)
No longer lonely strings,
But the fiber of some brighter thing.

Let’s have a round of applause for that excellent poem and honorable mention! Now, for the third place winner: Aimee!

My hook hand is terribly sore.
I can’t even open a door.
But once it has rest,
(at hubby’s request)
I’m sure I’ll be hookin’ once more!

Congratulations, Aimee! You will be receiving free copies of my Good News Newsboy, Shooting Starf, and Sweet Cocoa Cloche patterns. I hope you enjoy them!

Let’s move on to our second place winner, Holly!

Hook, yarn, and pattern
My imagination runs
Creating heirlooms

Holly, for that excellent haiku, you will be receiving a Toy Bundle, which includes 5 patterns: Chaco, Lloopy Llama, Silly Monkey, Scarlet Macaw Hand Puppet, and the Jungle Bugs! Happy hooking!

Our first place prize goes to an entry so well written, lengthy and … humorously up-front about it’s purpose, that it was an easy pick for the win. Congratulations, Joe – and therefore, Jackie.

I crochet here
I crochet there
I’ll crochet almost anywhere

With hooks of steel
or hooks of wood
I crochet bad
I crochet good.

Washcloth, facecloth,
dishcloth, vest
Sweater, shawl,
and all the rest.

Before I begin
before I start
I choose a pattern
from the heart.

I really hope
you like this poem
and send your patterns
to my home.

I’ll be grateful
more than you know
The patterns are for my wife.
but my name’s Joe.

Now my writing time’s
at an end.
and hopefully
you’ll be my friend.

Give my wife
the things she needs
and maybe she’ll
be nice to me.

Congratulations, Joe and Jackie! You’ve won a copy of every pattern I currently publish. (Joe, that’s gotta count for something.)Winners will be personally contacted as soon as possible and delivery arrangements made. Thank you, everyone who entered! It was a blast – I hope you enjoyed it, too.


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