Miss Me?

I’m gonna be honest, here. I predict that the blogging will be spotty at best over the next three months. Maybe four. We’re counting down to our transcontinental move – every week brings it closer and amps up the stress a little more. I do not have as much energy as usual for creative work. This could be a great opportunity for me, though – to make some of the other people’s designs I keep meaning to make but never find the time for. I still want to make things (it relieves stress, you know) but I need things that I don’t have to make decisions on. My own designs? Out. Math required? Out. Assembly needed? Not a chance.

It was with this set of requirements that I went for another hat, one that’s been in my queue for months.

my greenery hat

This was the best modeled shot I was able to get unassisted. I like most how I look happy in the picture. Good times. It does no justice to the beauty that is this hat, though, so here you go –

cabled greenery hat

how gorgeous is that? Pattern is the Greenery Hat, from Lilith Parker’s Lair of Lunacy. Nice! Not charted. I’ve come to really appreciate a good chart. I absolutely love the cables, though; they’re sinuous and organic feeling, and I like the way they grow out of the bottom ribbing. They’re a little like vines, I think, which could explain the name.


  1. Tammy says:

    Hey Mrs. Melissa! You bet we miss you! A transcontinental move is definitely NOT something I would want to do! lol
    Love the hat, it looks great on you. Thank you for sharing the link. I’ve printed off a copy and shall be making my very own Greenery Hat. 😉

  2. bezzie says:

    Yeah moving ANYWHERE is annoying, exhilerating and exhausting all at once! We’ll give you a get out of blogging free card for it 😉

    Love the hat. I hate charts–this might be up my alley!

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