Well, Dar-Knit.

Or, as they say – da Nile is more than a river in Egypt. I just want to show you a picture of something:


How 'bout that?

Yup. Yessiree, that’s a nice…big…hat. Check this pic out:


 Wow. Wow. Proof – once again – that swatches lie. Proof also that calling something “oversized” will only shield you from the realization that it’s WAY WAY WAY too big for so long. Drat.

Oh, well. Only a baby hat, right? (Note to self: next time listen to the little voice that says, “Hey! That looks way way way too big!”)  After a few moments of debating whether to finish it and give it to Charlie – he does look cute in it – I sucked it up and ripped it out. It’s amazing how fast a perfectly good oversized hat is reduced to a ball of yarn. It’s also a bit surreal, looking at a ball of yarn thinking how thirty seconds ago that ball was a hat.

The good news in all of this is that since I had to make the hat significantly smaller, it went a lot faster. So now, I’m at exactly the same point I was yesterday…woo. I’m looking forward to moving on to a new step in the process.

Anyway, this post marks the end of my January blog blitz, and my website anniversary. I’ve really enjoyed getting back in the swing of things, and even though I’m not going to try to blog every day this next month, I hope to keep things going at a faster pace.

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