It’s a 2-post day

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No – it’s a Quant!

my finished quant

Unblocked, of course. ‘Cause that’s just how I roll. Plus, I’m pretty sure that if I blocked it out it would get even bigger, exceeding the size of my head. It does serve its purpose very well, though, keeping my head and ears nice and warm in blustery winds. (We had some cooler weather the other day, and I tested it out.)

more pics of my quant

Working with the Noro was really fun. The color changes work beautifully in entrelac, creating the impression that I did more work to get all the differently colored squares. (We always like ‘looks harder than it was’ projects. Yes.) There was only one break in the color repeats – if you look at the right side of the above picture you can see that the teal-through-light-green section repeats itself. Oh, well. I like green.

More quant photos

I did make some mods – first off, I changed the i-cord from three stitches to four. Then I worked the pattern as it was written until it was time to decrease for the other end. I was riding in the car and didn’t have the directions with me. I wasn’t perfectly happy with the way that the pattern directed that portion, anyway. If you look at the original, you can see that the triangular sections between the i-cord and the entrelac look different at each end. I understand that sometimes the differences between increasing and decreasing mean that it will look different if you only mirror, but I like symmetry where I can get it.

So, I worked the last row of triangles by doing a ssk at the beginning and end of every RS row, then only picking up 5 sts on the next edge (total of 6) and repeated across. This resulted in only one live stitch at the very edge of the piece; I picked up across for a total of 18 and decreased to match the other side. As you can see, this resulted in two ends that match very nicely, indeed. Hooray for symmetry!

All in all, there were a few things I didn’t absolutely love in the design. If I were to make another, I’d make it narrower, mirror the ends again, and use a button closure like Calorimetry instead of the i-cord ties. (They’re kind of bulky under my hair.) I can see why the designer might have chosen to go with ties instead of a button – I heard enough comparisons drawn between Quant and Calorimetry without yet another similarity. For the record, I don’t think it’s a knock-off design at all, but I think the button would work out better for me.

One more picture before I sign off for the day –

tunisian cable experiment

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the Tunisian Cable Experiment.


  1. Christy says:

    ooohhhh… glad to find a way to make quant symmetrical. I made one, and that really bothered me (although I love the pattern). I think I’m going to do another one and make it 1 diamond narrower so it doesn’t take up so much of my head, too. When I blocked mine, I slightly felted it, and it looked really great with the Kureyon.

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