Oh, Hey, Winter…

Makin’ yourself comfortable, there, are ya? Winter?

Hey, snow!

Oh, no. No, it’s cool. I just won’t drive for a while. Okay? In the meantime, I made a hat!


I had most of a skein of Vanna’s Choice left (after making two cars and garages) in this beautiful cranberry red, and I said to myself, “Self, I want to make a hat!” Now, you probably can’t tell, but this hat is knitting-free! That beautiful ribbed edging was achieved with slip stitches – cushy and elastic, with no need for needles! Woohoo!

I like this hat a lot.

These pictures are pretty true to color. I tried to get some shots of the hat off my head to display the texture a little better, but the hat came off as some sort of incandescent red that glowed so brightly it obscured all stitch definition. Red = difficult to photograph. Sigh. I should have remembered. Anyway, the hat is just a little bit slouchy, making it a touch girlier than a straight-up beanie, but it’s no floppy rasta hat either. I think the medium is truly happy in this instance. I know I like it!


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